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A list of persons who are descended from Ithaca island - Greece, are presented here below


Karavias Anastasios, important intellectual, the first teacher of Solomos.

Karavias - Grivas Nicolaos, author of History of Ithaca with important personalities..

Drakoulis Platon, the great socialist, journalist and author

Yiofyllis Fotos, journalist, writer, poet

Karavias Orpheus, journalist, translator

Pavlatos Nicolas, author of History of Homer's Ithaca

Karavias Stathis, Greek journalist at newspapers in Egypt and Athens.

Mavilis Lorenzo, the famous poet, born in Ithaca.

Kostis Palamas and Sotiris Skipis, exquisite creators 

Karavias Panos, the famous novelist.
Vlassopoulos Nick and John Vlassopoulos from the famous shipping family with an important literary work, related to the shipping of Ithaca

Bourboulis Michael, lyricist, writer
Paizi Katina, poet

Ariana Ferentinou, journalist

Paizi Aleka, actress

Livanis Stathis, painter


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