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AINOS MOUNTAIN, AENOS KEFALONIA - Ainos (or Aenos) is the highest mountain in Kefalonia and the highest in the Ionian Islands with its peak the Megalo Soro, 1828 meters. On the way to the top of Ainos, enjoying the spectacular view from above at a height of 1,300 meters, you can relax in the tourist kiosk that is built there. From there you can leave your car and in a few minutes, you are walking between unique trees. (scientific name of trees of Abies cephalonica, known as Kefalonian Fir). AINOS MOUNTAIN KEFALONIA


The fir are the rarest one find in Europe and because of the density of the fir, Benetians gave it the name "Monte Nero", i.e. the Black Mountain. The forest was much denser in the past, but the shipbuilding needs of Venetian and the intensive logging, contributed to the deforestation of it. It is said that before 1600 and under great fires destroyed 2/3 of the forest, with last major catastrophic fire in 1797 (for 3 weeks the fire burned everything in its path). Since 1962 the forest of Ainos is a national park and is protected by the relevant legislation. Aenos Mountain Kefalonia


Little lower that the top of Ainos, we will find ruins sanctuary dedicated to Ainisio or Zeus Ainio (there is a reference of Hesiod).  If you are lucky, you can find in front of you the horses of the area that live freely in the mountain. These horses are descendants of domesticated horses that were released during the war. The lack of shelter and food, the high altitude, the water scarcity, combined with the reproduction in nature, led to the creation of this special breed. Ainos also constitutes one stopover for rest to many migratory birds,, because Kefalonia is above the migratory zone.  AENOS KEFALONIA


Also mention that there is a place for relaxation with gazebos and benches in two

places in the forest that will make your trip more relaxing. Especially for those who love hiking Enos is an ideal way to discover the secrets of nature and the mountain itself is a short story about Kefalonia.












































 AINOS MOUNT, Ainos Mountain, AINOS MAUNTAIN, Ainos mount Kefalonia, ABIES CEPHALONICA