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NIKOS FOKAS - Nikos Fokas born in Kefalonia  in 1972, spent his childhood years in Athens. He studied Literature and History Archaeology of the University of Athens. At times exercise various professions and from 1962 to 1972, he served in the  Greek Service of the BBC, in London. In England he worked  as a freelance journalist (1972-1974). In 1974 he returned to Greece and shortly after worked in secondary schools and radio. In 1982 traveled to the U.S as a guest of the International Writer's Program. On his return devoted himself to writing and translating literature and teaching creative writing. He has translated many books in Greek: Merime,G. Gklovaski, K. Baudelaire, I Megentorf, T. Hardie, A. Fleming, R. Frost, Z.P. Sartre etc. He has taken part in several Greek and international symposia and seminars on literature.

Nikos Fokas ( 1927 - Today),Poet and Writer