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KEFALONIA PERSONALITIES, MARINOS ANTIPAS - Marinos Antypas was one of the most important personalities in Kefalonia. He was born in 1872 in Ferentinata Pilarou, and he was the eldest son of Antipas family (Spiros and Angelina Antipa). Siblings were Babis or (Baoutas) and Adelais. Marinos Antipas  studied law and in 1897 we find him taking part in the battle of Crete, where he was injured. His intense criticism for the outcome of the battle and his fiery speech brought him into conflict with the regime. He was prosecuted and imprisoned for a year in jail in Aegina. The official state ordered the torture of Antypas.


In 1900 Marinos Antypas returns to Kefalonia and publishes the newspaper "Resurrection", but he was persecuted for his articles thus closing the newspaper. At that time we find him helping his father, who was a carpenter and wood sculptor, one of his temples is that of St. George in Chamolako Pilaros. Then he met Vasilikoula Kalomiris from Alexandria, Egypt. She was a woman from a noble family, loved Antipas and guarded his letters until last she died. Marinos baptized a girl, giving her the name of "Anarchy", and called her Anna, and another girl, giving her the name of "Revolution" called her Resurrection. He founded the spiritual center of the island, one popular reading center the "Equality".


In 1903 he left from Kefalonia to Bucharest, where found his uncle Skiadaresis and convinced him  to return to Greece and buy estates. Marinos Antipas as a restless spirit  returned to Kefalonia and re- issued newspaper Resurrection, generating turbulence in the state thus he was captured but acquitted at trial. Antipas took part in the 1906 elections, but he failed to be elected by the establishment that was created against him. Went to Pyrgeto of Thessaly, where his uncle along with his friend Metaxas had bought  a large estate, and he began to fight for the farmers' rights, who lived in squalid conditions in the countryside. Marinos proposed not to work Sunday but children go to school. He began teach human rights and farmers adored him, unlike the landlords began to worry and prepare his assassination plan. They paid the superintendent Kiriakou with 30.000 drachmas, to kill Marino. On the evening of March 8th, 1907 upheld the realm of Kiriakou. His death caused a nationwide emotion. Authorities covered the murderer. His uncleSkiadaressis, embittered about the loss of his nephew, sold the manor and left. Kefalonia Island Personalities, Marinos Antipas (1872-1907), Fighter of Farmers Rights