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YERASIMOS CHANDRINOS - Born in Argostoli in 1921, where he spent his childhood. His father, Philemon, was a policeman but also a violinist, which sparked young Gerasimos to deal with this violin. Yerasimos Chandrinos was about 12 years old when he attended courses in music- vocal, music- theory and violin in the Philharmonic School of Kefalonia with teacher the violinist Radames Manioni.  Then he went to Athens where he studied violin learning and his and apprenticeship in barbershop. Obtaining the necessary musical skills but also the ability of the barber returned in 1950 to Argostoli. He remained there until June 1952 and after he lived for a while in Lixouri 1966 -1967. The last year has reduced its holdings in events and festivals but deals with something creative and fertile, with the drafting of numerous musical instruments. For his artistic activity and longtime contribution to Pilaros, Gerasimos Chandrinos honored at a special event with a commemorative plaque from the city Pilareon on August 26, 2004.

Yerasimos Chandrinos (1921 - Today) Musician