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GABRIEL ATHANASOULIS - Gabriel Athanasoulis was born in the village Markata Pialrou on May 4, 1875. He migrated to Romania where he worked intensively with the trade and acquired property. The property consisted of real estate in Pilaros especially in St Euphemia, tremendous property in Romania, the island “Petalas” in the western coast of Aitolokarnania, and the mansion in Athens. In 1965 the national fleet decided to sell the mansion to the owner Stavros Niarchos for the amount of 90,000,000 drachmas. From that sale, the money was invensted jointly by organizations and purchased two properties in Athens. The rest property of Gabriel Athanasoulis in his testament in 1932 as follows: In the Community Makriotika (10%), the Community of St. Euphemia (10%), the Municipality of Argostoli (5%), the Brotherhood Kefalonia and Ithaka Piraeus (5%), the national fleet (25%) in the House for the Blind in Kallithea (5%), in his sister Athina Konstantatou and niece Anthoula Tsaousi (20%), the rest centimeters to his lawyers, his services and the  GalatsioRomanian Greek Community.
Gabriel Athanasoulis, Benefactor (1875 - 1932)