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KEFALONIA ISLAND PERSONALITIES, NIKOS KAVVADIAS - Nikos kavvadias born in Harbin of Manchuria in 1910 by Kefalonians parents and lived a short time in Kefalonia and Piraeus- where he finished elementary and high school.

In the late '20s Nikos Kavvadias went for office clerk in navy and a few months later sailed as a sailor. He continued sailing until he decided to get his diploma as radio operator. NIKOS KAVVADIAS, KEFALONIA PERSONALITIES

Nikos Kavvadias died in February 1975 from a stroke. He was characterized as the poet of the sea - spent most of his life in ships while he was writing poems inspired by his experiences as a seaman. Became known with his poetry collections "Marabou" in 1933 and "Pousi" in 1947. The short stories "Li" and "War In my horse" released in 1987. The "Li" was shot on film titled "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" in 1995. Many poems have been composed by many contemporary composers. Kefalonia Personalities, Nikos Kavvadias, Poet - Radio Operator ( 1910 - 1975), Kefalonia Personalitites
Nikos Kavvadias ( 1910 - 1975), Poet - Radio Operator, Kefalonia Island Personalities