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IOANNIS METAXAS - Ioannis Metaxas was an Ithakisian politician and military was born on April 12, 1871. He graduated from the Hellenic Army Academy with a degree of second lieutenant engineering in 1890. Ioannis Metaxas involved in the Greco - Turkish War and two years later he continued his studies in the Air Force Academy in Berlin. Then he returned to Greece in 1903 and greatly contributed to the restructuring and organization of the Army General Staff, as the most experienced officer. From 1910 to 1912 Ioannis Metaxas became adjutant of the Prime Minister and War Minister, Eleftherios Benizelos and participated in the two Balkan wars as staff officer of King Constantine I. With the support of King George II was anointed prime minister on April 13, 1963 and on August 4 established a dictatorship in the country, leaving an important legacy, strengthening the lower classes and exercising  social policy. As dictator criminalizes strikes, implements censorship in the press and persecutes Communists. Metaxas is associated with the laconic negative response to the ambassador of Italy, Grazzi, the morning of Oct. 28, 1940. The answer '' NO'' expressed the will of the Greek people to live in freedom.  In January 1941 and while the Greek army repelled the Italians on the Albanian front, Ioannis Metaxas dies under suspicious circumstances.  The official version says that he was poisoned by snake in the garden of his house in Kifissia, but many believe that he was poisoned by others. Ioannis Metaxas is perhaps the most beloved dictator who ever lived, respected by the entire population.

Ioannis Metaxas (1871 - 1941) Military & Politician