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ROKKOS CHOIDAS - Rokkos Choidas was born in Kefalonia in 1830. Studied law in Italy and served as deputy procurator of the court of Appeal. In 1875, he was elected as MP of Kranea and was one of the first Greek socialist. On 4 September 1888, although cognizant of the Articles of the Constitution of Greece, published two articles in the newspaper Rabagas, which was considered insulting to King George I and Crown Prince Constantine. Then Hoidas arrested and brought to trial in Amfissa, where he was sentenced to 3 years in prison of Halkida, in 1889. He remained enclosed for one year in prison until May 15, 1890, when he died of a recurrence of his old wound because of the hardships of prison. Some claimed that committed suicide, which is not proved.



Rokkos Choidas (1830 – 1890), Judician & Politician