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JULIUS TYPALDOS PRETENDERIS - Julius Typaldos was a child of John Typaldos- Pretenderi and of an Italian countess Teresa Rigketi. Born in Lixouri in 1814, he completed his studies in Italy at Law and Literature. Later he served as Judge in the Ionian Islands. He  contributed to the elimination of several restrictive measures and in granting press freedom during his governorship (Maitland). Also served mainly in poetry, in demotic language, influenced by Solomos. His family originally from Germany , moved to Rome in the 8th century and the Tipaldos Kanellos the founder of the house in Kefalonia, settled on the island in 1400. Many of his descendants were enrolled in 1600 at Libro d'oro, the  most famous of which are the Kapeletos, Pretenderis, Forestis, Xidiaris, Poveretos, Tzanatos. Julius Tipaldos Pretenderis died in Corfu in 1833.
Julius Typaldos Pretenderis (1814-1883) Judge - Reformist