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JUAN DE FUCA STRAIT, IOANNIS FOKAS - Juan de Fuca was born in 1536 in the village of Valeriano Elio in Kefalonia, he was known as Apostolos Valerianos or Fokas Valerianatos. Ioannis Fokas and travelled to Spain where ships departed for overseas possessions. His remarkable performance in navigation attracted the interest of the King of Spain, who appointed him fleet navigator of the West Indies for over 40 years.
Juan de Fuca so named in Spanish the late 16th century had a great reputation because of his adventurous trips in the Pacific Ocean. In 1552, the regent of New Spain (now Mexico), Luis de Velaseo, assigned him the discovery of narrow Anian (Straits of Anian), from where it was possible that British would go the Pacific Ocean.  He was also responsible for discovering a Northwest Passage that allowed access from the South Seas to Europe via North Atlantic. The crews of both ships entered the straits that separate the island of Vancouver in Canada from the American Continent. On shore the sailors found land rich in fruits and ore and natives dressed in animal skins. Theycontinued until their exit from the narrow to the Pacific and then sailed south. Upon his return to the Acapulco, the navigator Ioannis Fokas was admitted with honors, but the reward promised by the regent there was never paid.
The name of Kefalonian navigator Ioannis Fokas, was given to the complex of the straits between Vancouver and America from the Russian Imperial Academy in 1725, now known worldwide as «Juan de Fuca Strait». In 1787, the British captain Barkley Charlesrecognizing the strait between Vancouver Island and Washington State of the USA as the parties explored by Ioannis Fokas, gave the area itsname '' Strait of Juan de Fuca''.
 Juan de Fuca Strait