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DROGARATI CAVE, KEFALONIA SIGHTSEEING - The cave of Drogarati is 3 km from Sami and is located in the village Haliotata of Kefalonia. It is a unique attraction and it is worth the visit. You will find it at an altitude of 120 meters and a depth that reaches 95 meters. The cave was discovered when by a powerful earthquake collapsed a part of it - dating back over 2,000,000 years and is open to visitors since 1963. The cavers who explored it, did not exclude thepossibility to communicate with other caves in the area, such as Aggalaki Cave and Cave of St Theodore (17 caves have been mapped in the municipality of Sami, most than everywhere else in Greece). Drogarati Cave, Kefalonia Sightseeing

With temperature being almost always in the 18o C, the Cave of Drogarati is considered among the best in Greece and is the unique cave with such a large hall ( dimensions 65m. x 45m and height 20 m approximately). The cave has excellent acoustics and therefore have been performed important concerts, such as that of  M. Farantouri and soprano Irene Karagiannis. The lighting of the main hall with theyellow-orange color of the headlights gives you the feeling that you are in another era, especially when you stand under the central part of the cave. Kefalonia Sightseeing,  Drogarati Cave


The stalagmites and stalactites created million years ago, make a rare type of sculpture. This geological phenomenon has been exploited by the municipality of Sami for the tourists. The cave is open all days and hours of the morning till the evening. The staff is trained and ready to answer all questions. Accessing and navigation is absolutely secure. Experts have put carpetting in difficult areas and small protective railing, so that the path becomes less dangerous - because of the humidity is quite slippery.












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