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KEFALONIA VILLAGES, ASSOS KEFALONIA ISLAND - Assos is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages, not only in Kefalonia, but in Greece. Its located  on the northwest side of Kefalonia, 37 km away from the Capital Argostoli and administratively belongs to the Municipality of Erisos. A picturesque village with large trees, pre-earthquake mansions and wild beauty. The magic of the landscape will amaze you, culminating in the Venetian castle that stands up and away from the naked eye. The castle was used subsequently by the Greek state as rural prison. Assos in Kefalonia,'' The Lady of the North'' as they called her earlier, was the first Capital  in Kefalonia before thecastle of St. George. Assos Kefalonia Island, Assos Kefalonia Villages


Nowadays, surviving pieces of his fortification, Venetian barracks, the Venetian's residence and the small church of St Mark. The castle was a stronghold of  the Venetian army and it was built in 1593 by the Venetian, John Montsenigos and the mechanical Marino Di Gentilini d 'Este.



The history of the castle began in 1584, when Kefalonians asked Venetians to build a castle for even better protection of the island. It was of great strategic importance with the port where the Venetian galleons anchored.








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