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Kefalonia Villages, Fiskardo - FISKARDO is one of the prettiest VILLAGES in KEFALONIA. Located in the northern part of the island belongs administratively to the municipality of Erisos and in the cencus of 2001 it had 205 inhabitants. Although located in a "poor" area of Kefalonia, is one of the most well-known villages of Greece throughout the world. Filled with old two- storey houses and green slopes, looks like a beautiful painting. According to the story, Fiskardo got its name from the Norman conqueror Robert Guiscard, although he defeated the united fleets of the Venetians and Byzantines, did not manage to capture the island. In 1085 died suddenly on his boat, and left as a reminder of the village name (of course with a little alteration Guiscard - Piskardo - Fiskardo. The port showed strong growth in the era of Venetian - and then built the first imposing mansions that still survive today. VILLAGES 0F KEFALONIA


Fiskardo remained untouched by earthquakes. Beautiful mansions with red tuiles and small balconies with colored iron railings compose the beauty of that era. The village has become world famous by the visits of Hollywood celebrities (actors, singers,  etc.), where they come with their luxury yachts. Nikos Kavvadias, the famous poet comes from the beautiful village too. Fiskardo, Kefalonia Villages


In the village you will find many taverns with fresh fish, many traditional dishes and you will enjoy your dinner having a unique view, dozens of yachts and boats close by.

 Our only remark is the relatively high prices in restaurants. On the positive side is the regular connection of Fiskardo with Lefkas (Nidri - Basiliki) and Astakos. For your stay here you will find hotels, rooms, post office, ATM machines, Piraeus Bank and Eurobank.













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