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KEFALONIA TOWNS, SAMI KEFALONIA - Sami is the first town you see coming by boat from Patra and the main port of Kefalonia island. Surrounded by green mountains in the background of a sea gulf, Sami is a safe harbor and a significant milestone for many destinations, not only from Greece (Patra, Igoumenitsa, Astakos, Corfu), but also from Italy (Bari- Brindisi). 

Furthermore Sami's marina can accommodate many yachts, because it has the necessary infrastructure. Sami Kefalonia, Kefalonia Towns



Sami is the capital of the homonymous municipality and is located on the east coast of Kefalonia, it has 2,297 residents with an area of 129, 326 acres. On the hill above the town, the excavations continue and bring to light many important discoveries. Ruins of an ancient castle (Paliokastro) and the ancient Acropolis Kyatis, where is located the monastery of St Fanenton. In Sami have been recorded 17 seats of caves, which is unique to Greece. The most notable and widely known are the underground lake of Mellisani in Karavomilos and the Cave of Drogarati, in village Haliotata. Sami became widely known from the movie "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" (Nicolas Cage, Penelope Cruz, Irene Papas etc.), both of the shots in the city, and the beautiful beaches ( Sami beach, Dixalia, Antisamos, and the Chorgota beach in village Komitata in Eriso. Sami Kefalonia Town


Sami offers all the services of a modern city : post office, fire station, police station, health center,  port terminal, several shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes. In addition, there are hotels and rooms available for visitors. The'' Studio Venezia'' is a great solution for your stay. Also, the car rental company "GEROLYMATOS Rent  A Car" offers to the visitors of our site special rates for car rental, simply by saying the words : Kefalonia View. In Sami you will find ATM machines, pharmacies, repair workshops , tourist offices , ads, and bus station with frequent connections to the rest of Kefalonia and country (Athens, Patra, Thessaloniki). It  is worth mentioning that the coastal road from 7 pm until 1 am is closed, thus creating a large promenade. Kefalonia towns



By Sami you can visit Ithaca, either by boats that organize daily cruises or by ferryboat (5 times a day the summer season). Sami has daily ferry connection to Patra, Ithaca, Lefkada, Astako - from May to October, but with ports of Italy in summer. Beautiful beaches with crystal blue waters will make your vacation unforgettable. To mention few: Antisamos is 4 km from the city, and has been awarded a blue flag (for lovers of hiking,is a pleasant way). Sami Beach - Karavomylos is the sequel of the harbor with sand and pebbles, at the end of the harbor and next to the camping center. The beach of Agia - St Paraskevi (photo at right),  in a series of small creeks, we meet it on the way to St Effimia, 4 km from Sami. It has parking, bars, restaurants, as well as several trees for shade.

Sami as a location is in the center of Kefalonia, so you can use it as a base to see everything on the island. In Photos menu and section Sami, you can see more photos.


More photos you can see in the main menu ''Kefalonia Photos'', section ''Sami''.




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 SAMI KEFALONIA ISLAND, Sami Kefalonia Island, KEFALONIA TOWNS, Kefalonia Towns